Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Great Video on the Putting Contest.

Hi Gang,

George just sent me this video of the putting contest.  The best part of the video is Cooper shaking hands with Liam.  If you remember - Ty and Liam were in a sudden death playoff with Liam winning.  When we got back to Ottawa I said to Cooper that it was too bad that Ty didn't win.  He said:  "Papa I was hoping that Liam won."  From the video you can see he did.  I thought that he would have been cheering for Ty as he sees him all the time but he was really taken with Liam, age 15, as he looked after him in the arcade and sat with him at dinner.  When Cooper came home he even wrote Liam a letter.  Check it out.

Do my nephews and nieces of mind remember your days at this age?


Great stuff.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here is the Egan Cup Photo for 2014 just before the banquet.

Hi Gang,

Judy took this and it is great.  You have to click on the photo to see everyone.

2014 Egan Cup
There was almost 50 of us for dinner.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

We Have A Female Champion For The First Time!

Hi Gang,

History has been made and the new Egan Cup Champ on August 3rd, 2014 is  Annette:

And most important of all is that she had a great game of golf.  She shot a 108 and will prove to be an ambassador for upcoming female Egan Cup Champs.  She was drinking wine from the Egan Cup all night and many heard her say that she is taking the Egan Cup to a new venue next year.  She is booking the cabins at Magaguadavic Lake for a week so she can relive her youth and win again.  Of course that was after two Egan Cups full of wine.

The competition for the first female champion was stiff as the 79 year old McGuire Matriarch played golf in the Egan Cup for the first time.  Have a look at her style:


What a swing.  We had a total of 25 golfers, and I use the term loosley, with 9 females playing for the Egan Cup.  The weather was sunny and warm and there was no rain to dampen our spirits.

Golfer Pat, missing last year, shot the low round of the day with a 79 but younger brother Gerry, who had a medical excemption last year, gave him a scare when he was leading him by three shots after the first two holes.  I finished with an 82 followed by Doug with an 84 and Sean with an 87.  Then came Tim with a 93 followed by Leo with a 94.  Then Liam had a 95 and almost beat his Father.  Now wouldn't that be something to write about.  I will not embarrass the other golfers by listing their scores.

The highlight of the day was when Liam and Adam played in the regular Egan cup as they are both now 15 and they put a lot of the other golfers to shame on the links.

The Egan Putt contest was another exciting one.  It started off with the youngest to the oldest, Cooper, Ty, Brayden, Allison, Alex, Adam, Megan and Liam.  Everyone had three chances at an 8 foot putt.  Ty and Liam were the only ones who got it in and they were advanced to the second round.  The excitement was building with hundreds of golfers watching.  The second round was empty as no one made a putt.  It was on to the third round and my Grandson drilled one into the hole.  Then Liam started and he was lucky enough to get two putts in the hole and won the Egan Putt for 2014.  The presentation was done by last year's winner Alex to brother Liam.  The Egan Cup rules committee has received a protest that Liam and Adam should not have competed because they are now regular golfers on the Egan Cup Tour.  The Rules Committee will meet soon to make a decision on this protest.

It was great to see Gaye at the Egan Cup after her two months in hospital.  Nurse George has been given all the credit but he was too tired out to play golf.  Next year he will win.

Now there are three champs in Leo's family, who runs the Egan Cup and the scoring system with Pat. Interesting.  There was also another first as we now have the first husband and wife Egan Champs.

The 8th year of the Egan Cup has come to an end but Sam is confused with it all as you can see from this photo.  Of course George is also confused.

Until next year.

2007 Egan Cup Champ.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Egan Cup 2014

Hi Gang,

Time to start booking again this year at the

Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre
6015 Highway 89, Alliston, ON, L9R 1A4
Alliston: 705-435-5501
Toll Free: 800-669-5501
Fax: 705-435-5840   

It all starts on Friday August 1, 2014 and continues until Monday morning.  Golf is on the Sunday again.

Cost per room is $130 and the golf is $62 plus taxes.  Call to Group Reservation 556415 to book.

I don't know why they let us back year after year.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Egan Cup!

Hi Gang,

There is a new Champion for 2013 and here he is:

Randy is our new Champion and he is seen here giving his acceptance speech with the Egan Cup and the green jacket given to him by 2012 Champ Shawn.  He was humble in his speech about this great honour.  He did not talk about his round of golf.

It was very close again this year with about 6 golfers one shot back but Randy came through with a Callaway System 71.  Another year has now gone by without a female Champion.  What is wrong with the women?

Pat and Doreen were missed from the Originals as was past champion Steve.  Of course a lot would say that they saw Pat playing and as photos don't lie maybe he was there.  Check these out:

He must have been there as he bought beer from the Beer Girl.

As you can see from the photos it was a cool and sunny day and there was a bit of rain for about a hole but I didn't get wet a bit as I was watching the golf on TV, drinking rum as I couldn't play because of my recent gall bladder surgery.  I am sure I could have won it this year.

The day before saw the Father and Son nine hole tournament.  We were all around watching them tee off which made them nervous.  Check out the teams.

On a sad note, because Pat and I didn't play this year, an Original did not win the low gross (best score).  Pat and I were very concerned about this as we gave the torch to Leo and George to keep the tradition going.  Alas they let us down.  Tim was the winner with a great score of 81.

After golf we all gathered at the putting green to see who was going to be the Egan Putt Champ this year.  We ran it a bit different this year.  We picked a spot 8 feet from one hole and each golfer got three balls to putt.  The winner was the one that made the most putts.  There was a Junior and Senior putt off.  The Juniors started first and it was a close match.  Liam was the reigning Champion but was no match for his sister Alex who got two balls in compared to one ball for Liam.  Allison, Adam and Ty were shut out.  The Senior division saw 20 golfers taking a chance and it was a tie at the end of the first round.  Steve and Karen both put 3 balls in.  A second round was played and Steve ended up the Senior Egan Putt Champion.

Liam had to give his younger sister the trophy at the banquet.  He didn't say much but Alex gave a brilliant speech:

Leo had booked the banquet room for the meal and the presentation this year with a buffet dinner of chicken and ribs.  It was great as we could all stay in one place and party.  Ainsley Reid was the hit of the talent show and just wouldn't stop singing songs and telling jokes.  Megan was there as MC.  Thanks for dropping by David and Juilet again this year.

I am happy to say that no one was run over this year by a golf cart and no one ended up in the hospital.  There are many more stories to tell but I just can't remember them.

Here are the teams this year.

Thanks Leo and Shawn for putting on a great 2013 Egan Cup.

First Egan Cup Champ

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Egan Cup 2013

Hi Family,

It is time to get your new outfits and practising for the 2013 Egan Cup.  Again this year it is on the long weekend in August 2/5 with the golf on Sunday.  Hope everyone can make it.

The rules for the Egan Putt will be changing this year as the Chairman is planning a Egan Putt contest from 12  Ft. 7 inches away with an elimination until we get a winner in front of the thousands of fans that will be watching.

The London McGuire's are already practising as you can see in their video.


Not to be out down by the London McGuire's the Ottawa McGuire's are heavy into making sure the Egan Putt and the Egan Cup come back to Ottawa where they both belong.  Here is their video.


Hope everyone can make it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Egan Cup Moves to Ontario!

Hi Gang,

The 2012 Egan Cup is now history.  After being in New Brunswick, and around the globe, for the last two years it is back in Ontario where it belongs.  And the Winner is:

The proud winner of the Egan Cup is Shawn McGuire with daughter Megan cheering him on.  He was so happy to be the 6th Champion he was speechless.  More about this later.

What a weekend we had weather wise.  The weather was so hot and sunny that it was too hot to drink beer on the deck until the sun went down.  The outdoor pool was the hit for the weekend.  And yes, it was accident free as no one let Judy drive a cart and Sybil came home without scars.  Gaye was guarded 24/7 so that she wouldn't fall this weekend and she made it back to London without visiting any hospitals.

Betty and Pat had been in Toronto for this hot weather for a week and when everyone met Betty she kept telling everyone she couldn't live here because of the heat.  Of course you have to put this into perspective after living years in the Bay of Fundy Fog.

Most of us arrived on Friday night and the happy hour started really early.  The rest of the gang arrived on Saturday in time for the Junior Golf tournament.  Tim and Liam played with Sean and Ty for the first foursome.  Brad and Shamus teamed up with Leo and Brayden for the second foursome.  It was a hot one but the kids all enjoyed there 9 holes of golf.  There was no one winner as they were all winners.

Saturday night saw the gang going to Alliston for supper where Doug's porsche was a hit with the kids. Check it out in the parking lot with Liam driving and Ty holding on.

And there is even room for two sets of golf clubs.  Doug was just back from fighting crime in China, but we won't go there with that story.

Sunday was the big day with the Egan Cup on the line.  We had 24 golfers playing for the top prize and everyone wanted to take it home and show their friends and neighbours.  The four brothers lead off the golf and played together for the first time.  It was a historical moment.  Here are the photos of the 24 golfers in the 2012 Egan Cup.  You can double click on the photos to get a closer view.

Notice the first photo where Tim stuck it to the par 3 18th and won the closest to the pin.  He also won the long drive of the day but his 81 couldn't beat Pat with a 76 or me with a 79.  He cried in his beer the rest of the day.  Pat and I were riding in the same cart and at times I had his shaking in his golf shoes as he thought I was going to beat him.

As you can see the weather was great, the best we have had for golf at Nottawasaga Resort.  It was then time for the putting contest and just like last year Dave, Juilet and Ainsley showed up to party with the gang. Great that you could make it again this year and to see Ainsley playing with her cousins was special.

The putting contest ended with a tie and Liam and Shamus had to putt off.  Shamus was great but he has only been playing golf for a year or so and was no match for Liam the Pro who won the playoff.  He received the new Putting Trophy that he keeps for a year and travels all over the world with it and brings it back for the competition next year. Liam was given the new putting champ trophy and I heard after that Alx wants to put a plaque on it stating 'The Egan Putt'.  Great idea.

The meal was at 6 PM so it was a rush to get to the meal on time.  He was a great meal and then everyone retired to the booked room in the basement for the presentations.  Everyone wanted to win the Egan Cup but we all know their is only one winner and many would go home disappointed.

I wish I had the words to express what a great job Steve and Anne Marie did for the Egan Cup this year. Their presentation was out of this world.  They had a slid show of all the old photos and some I had never seen before.  They even travelled to McAdam and interviewed the Mayor - Frank Carroll.  Frank was interviewed by Steve about the McGuire Gang.  The best part was when he said that Gaye was his favourite teacher and it was because of him that he went into teaching for the next 40 years.  Steve with your shots at George you are now a true member of the McGuire Gang.

Now for a little sidebar.  Cooper was sitting by me when he saw the photo of  Mom and her photo on the screen.  He asked me who she was and the 3 year old also wanted to know if she died.  Then a few seconds later he said:  "Papa, when I get home I am going to draw you a picture of your Mom so you won't forget her."  Amazing.

Then after the many prizes given out by Steve and Anne Marie for the kids and the long and shot drives it was time to find out who was the winner for 2012.  Pat had the computer set up and all the kids were around to push the button to find out who won.  It came out as a tie.  Doug and Shawn were tied after Doug shot 81 and Shawn 105 but the Callaway Scoring Systems had them equal at 70.

Everyone was watching Doug and Shawn for the final push of the button to see who won.  You could tell they were both nervous and wanted the fame.  When Shawn was declared the winner he was speechless. After hearing the roars of the crowd he slowly made his way and accepted the Egan Cup.  I suspect that he will have it when he runs the Boston Marathon next year.

It was now time for the Entertainment portion of the evening.  Cooper led off this portion with a joke as it was time for him to go to bed.  He stood on a chair and all his cousins gathered around him.  Then in a clear voice he said:  "Do you know why the M and M went to school?"  All his cousins said NO and then he said:  "Because he wanted to be a Smartie."  The place went up and Cooper loved it.  In fact I think he thought every kid at the hotel was his cousin as he said hello to every kid he saw.

Then Alex played the piano and did an amazing job.  Not to be out done, Ty showed his talent on the keyboard for all to hear.  Morgan and Baily also played a tune and took bows for their performance.  Little Joey was not there this year but it is hoped he can make it next year.  Then Deb and Dave pulled out the guitars for the final sing song.  Great job everyone.

Then things got a bit foggy as we had our own booze in the room.  Someone else will have to take over now.

The Original 2007 Egan Cup Champ.