Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another Record For Egan Cup 2015!

Hi Gang,

And, the new Egan Cup Champ is the First Two Time Champ in the history of the Egan Cup.  It all happened at the Nottawasaga Resort on July 25th.

The Egan Cup has returned to Ottawa, where it belongs.  It didn't happen without a fight.  The First feMALE Egan Cup Champ and I were tied when the computer picked me as the new Two Time Champ.  It must have recognized my almost hole-in-one on the 9th hole for a tap in birdie or it may have not counted my 10 score on the 12th hole for two balls in the creek.

Please note how shinning the Egan Cup is and how I am wearing gloves.  Also my SAP hat signed by Ernie Els, compliments of Egan Cup Champ Doug and his company.  The tee shirt was supplied by 2014 Champ Annette as she and Doug gave a superb presentation and demonstration of how to win the Egan Cup via the Callaway Scoring System.

The Ottawa McGuire's also took home most of the hardward with Sean winning the longest drive and Sybil winning the longest drive for women.  She out drove her daughter-in-law and then right after Alli complained of a bad back and couldn't give it a full swing.  You can tell the talent at the Egan Cup when Sybil wins the longest drive.

The oldest male golfer won the closest to the pin and Champ Annette won closest to the pin for the women.

On Saturday afternoon the future Egan Cup Champs played the nine hole course.  It is usually a Father and Son outing but Grandpa George was out bright and early with his three grandsons Liam, Adam and Daniel.  Later that morning Sean and Ty took on Mike and Tim for a great round of golf for Ty.

It was another great Egan Cup Weekend.  Mike's gang from BC were all there for the Friday and Saturday but had to leave early Sunday morning to get back to BC.  Scott was the same as he had to fly back across the world to his new job.  They were all there for the story telling on the deck on Saturday night arranged by the eldest McGuire, whose age will remain ageless.

The Egan Putt was arranged after the golf for the younger golfers who didn't play in the Egan Cup.  They were lead off by Sam with an amazing putt but then got distracted and started to put all the flags back in the holes where they belonged.  The winner was Megan with an amazing putt to take home the Egan Putt trophy.  She made an amazing speech to thank her Grandfather who taught her how to putt.  That surprised me as I played with him all day and his best putt was when he used his putter to get out from behind a tree.

Here is the gang that attended this year.  Clip on the image to make it larger so you can see the Two Time Egan Cup Champ.

But the show was upstaged by Sam when Annette asked him to put on the white gloves and bring it up to the front of the room.

Sam then brought it right to me before I knew I was the new Champ.  The laughs were deafening.

Pat's Gang were all missing as they were celebrating the two 70 year olds in PEI and NB.  We also missed David's gang this year as we had to change the weekend.  Hope to see everyone next year.

It was a great weekend weather wise and no one got run over by a golf cart or break their hip so the whole weekend was a success.

You have all seen Andrea's great photos of the weekend but here is the link for viewing them in years to come.


Until next year.

Double Egan Cup Champ.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Egan Cup Goes Fishing and Sliding!

Hi Gang,

Egan Cup (chaperoned by reigning and past Egan Cup champs Annette & Doug) pays a visit to our Nation's capital for Ottawa's Winterlude festival!

The Family Day weekend was hosted by Alli, Sean & Ty and what a weekend it was!  Karen, Tim, Alex and Liam braved the elements and drove up from London to join in on the fun. Sybil, Gerry, Tara, Dave, Cooper and little Sammy all participated in the activities as well making this one of the best winter weekends ever.

Here is Egan Cup enjoying a thrilling hill ride with family. To hear more about the weekend and see more pictures & videos of what everyone did in Ottawa you will have to wait until Egan Cup reunion August 2015!

We hope everyone is staying warm during this unbearably long cold and snowy winter.

See you all this summer!
Annette & Doug

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hi Gang,

As I had mentioned, Liam is Cooper's favourite cousin as Liam looked after him playing at the Egan Cup.  Then the day after Christmas a parcel arrived from Liam and Alex for Ty, Cooper and Sam. They were excited to open it and this is what they sent them.

They love M & Ms and they were so happy and then they looked a little closer and this is what they saw on the M & Ms.

The one on the left says from Ottawa to London with love.  Liam and Alex are in the middle and the one on the right says Egan Putt Champs. Liam and Alex have won back to back Egan Putts.   It was a great gift and the kids loved it.

But then after New Year's an emailed arrived with this photo from Doug of the Egan Cup at the home of Three Champions and a message under neath.

"Should auld Egan Cup Champions and Competitors be forgot, and never brought to mind?"

I don't know how that Scot got into this Beloved Irish Clan but what I do know is that the Egan Cup is coming to Ottawa this year to stay.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Original Egan Cup Champ.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Great Video on the Putting Contest.

Hi Gang,

George just sent me this video of the putting contest.  The best part of the video is Cooper shaking hands with Liam.  If you remember - Ty and Liam were in a sudden death playoff with Liam winning.  When we got back to Ottawa I said to Cooper that it was too bad that Ty didn't win.  He said:  "Papa I was hoping that Liam won."  From the video you can see he did.  I thought that he would have been cheering for Ty as he sees him all the time but he was really taken with Liam, age 15, as he looked after him in the arcade and sat with him at dinner.  When Cooper came home he even wrote Liam a letter.  Check it out.

Do my nephews and nieces of mind remember your days at this age?

Great stuff.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here is the Egan Cup Photo for 2014 just before the banquet.

Hi Gang,

Judy took this and it is great.  You have to click on the photo to see everyone.

2014 Egan Cup
There was almost 50 of us for dinner.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

We Have A Female Champion For The First Time!

Hi Gang,

History has been made and the new Egan Cup Champ on August 3rd, 2014 is  Annette:

And most important of all is that she had a great game of golf.  She shot a 108 and will prove to be an ambassador for upcoming female Egan Cup Champs.  She was drinking wine from the Egan Cup all night and many heard her say that she is taking the Egan Cup to a new venue next year.  She is booking the cabins at Magaguadavic Lake for a week so she can relive her youth and win again.  Of course that was after two Egan Cups full of wine.

The competition for the first female champion was stiff as the 79 year old McGuire Matriarch played golf in the Egan Cup for the first time.  Have a look at her style:

What a swing.  We had a total of 25 golfers, and I use the term loosley, with 9 females playing for the Egan Cup.  The weather was sunny and warm and there was no rain to dampen our spirits.

Golfer Pat, missing last year, shot the low round of the day with a 79 but younger brother Gerry, who had a medical excemption last year, gave him a scare when he was leading him by three shots after the first two holes.  I finished with an 82 followed by Doug with an 84 and Sean with an 87.  Then came Tim with a 93 followed by Leo with a 94.  Then Liam had a 95 and almost beat his Father.  Now wouldn't that be something to write about.  I will not embarrass the other golfers by listing their scores.

The highlight of the day was when Liam and Adam played in the regular Egan cup as they are both now 15 and they put a lot of the other golfers to shame on the links.

The Egan Putt contest was another exciting one.  It started off with the youngest to the oldest, Cooper, Ty, Brayden, Allison, Alex, Adam, Megan and Liam.  Everyone had three chances at an 8 foot putt.  Ty and Liam were the only ones who got it in and they were advanced to the second round.  The excitement was building with hundreds of golfers watching.  The second round was empty as no one made a putt.  It was on to the third round and my Grandson drilled one into the hole.  Then Liam started and he was lucky enough to get two putts in the hole and won the Egan Putt for 2014.  The presentation was done by last year's winner Alex to brother Liam.  The Egan Cup rules committee has received a protest that Liam and Adam should not have competed because they are now regular golfers on the Egan Cup Tour.  The Rules Committee will meet soon to make a decision on this protest.

It was great to see Gaye at the Egan Cup after her two months in hospital.  Nurse George has been given all the credit but he was too tired out to play golf.  Next year he will win.

Now there are three champs in Leo's family, who runs the Egan Cup and the scoring system with Pat. Interesting.  There was also another first as we now have the first husband and wife Egan Champs.

The 8th year of the Egan Cup has come to an end but Sam is confused with it all as you can see from this photo.  Of course George is also confused.

Until next year.

2007 Egan Cup Champ.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Egan Cup 2014

Hi Gang,

Time to start booking again this year at the

Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre
6015 Highway 89, Alliston, ON, L9R 1A4
Alliston: 705-435-5501
Toll Free: 800-669-5501
Fax: 705-435-5840   

It all starts on Friday August 1, 2014 and continues until Monday morning.  Golf is on the Sunday again.

Cost per room is $130 and the golf is $62 plus taxes.  Call to Group Reservation 556415 to book.

I don't know why they let us back year after year.